Looking For Some Long-Lasting Protection?

Looking for some long-lasting protection against UV, salt spray, marine growth and stains? Check out Collinite marine products. For great protection and a shine that’s unmistakably carnauba wax.

When it comes to fiberglass boats, boat wax is an important part of the maintenance process. Marine grade boat waxes provide the most reliable results. Collinite marine wax products clean up faster, shine brighter, protect against the elements better and last longer. That’s why they continue to set the benchmark in gloss and water-bead durability year after year.

  • Enhances look while protecting finish
  • Cost effectively maintains appearance and value overtime
  • Guards against corrosive elements; UV, staining, salt adhesion and more
  • For both fleet and smaller craft application. New and weathered surfaces alike.
  • Provides excellent coating of durability

Serving our loyal automotive, marine and industrial customers since 1936, Collinite has existed with one single purpose in mind: to provide the most durable, highest-grade marine wax products available. Our entire handcrafted line is patiently produced according to Collinite’s own exclusive, proprietary formulations. No fillers, extenders or thickeners are used to reduce manufacturing costs.

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