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16049 16054 21545 28991
FIG 5131
3M Oil-Sorbent Pads, Booms & Pillows
Water Pump Grease
 16049 & 28991
MMM FIG 8744
  Oil Sorbent Pads, Booms and Pillows absorb 13 to 25 times their C
weight in oil and petro-chemicals, 20 times their weight of No. 2 oil. ABD Great for bilge areas, engine rooms, petro-chemical spills. T270 sau-
sage-shaped booms can be linked together by built-in connectors to
cover large areas. Each boom weighs 10 lbs.
  Part No.
17" x 19" x 3/16" 8"W x 10' ft. L 7" x 15" x 1-1/2" 17" x 19" x 1/4"
Per. Pkg.
200 1 16 100
Sorbent Capacity
.13 gal./Pad 20 gal.
.5 gal./Pillow .25 gal./Pad
           New Smart Straw features a permanently
attached straw that sprays two ways. Simply
flip it up for a precision stream and down
for a regular spray action. Loosens rusted
parts; penetrates deep to free up frozen or
rusted metal parts and fasteners. Displaces
moisture; gets under water, drives it off and keeps it off. Use it to dry out electrical and electronic equipment. Stops squeaks; WD-40 is silicone-free — no messy, gummy residue. Protects metals against moisture and corrosive elements. Cleans and removes tar, grease and adhesives.
 Part No.
490002 490040 490095 490118
Size Case
3 oz. Spray w/ Smart Straw VOC 24
Part No.
A 77124
B 80078
C 80036
D 80074
E 80345
F 81950
G 82019
Nickel Anti-Seize Lubricant: 8 oz. brush-top bottle
Anti-Seize Lubricant: 8 oz. brush-top bottle
Valve Grinding Compound: 1.5 oz. tube, carded
Belt Dressing & Conditioner: 6 oz. - Extends belt life. Penetrates the cord fibers of “V” belts to restore pliability and flexibility. Prevents belt slippage due to heat, cold, dampness, dust and glazing. Eliminates squeaking and slipping.
White Lithium Grease: 1.5 oz. - All-purpose white lubricant is designed to reduce friction between load bearing metal-to-metal and metal-to-plastic applications. Protects against rust and makes surfac- es friction-free. Stainless and long-lasting formula. Contains no ODCs.
Ultra SlickTM Engine Assembly Lube: 4 oz. - Proper lubrication of metal mating surfaces is essential prior to starting a new or rebuilt engine. Ultra SlickTM adheres to component surfaces to prevent scuffing and galling during initial start-up. This high quality for- mulation meets or exceeds OEM performance specs for engine assembly lubricants.
All-Purpose Spray Adhesive: 16 oz. - An all-pur- pose, pressure sensitive, spray adhesive that allows both permanent and repositionable bonding. Won’t bleed through leaving surfaces unstained, dries clear. Unique formula resists water and humidity. Will not shrink. Adheres to porous and nonporous materials.
 11 oz. Spray w/ Smart Straw VOC 18 oz. Spray w/ Smart Straw VOC
 12 1 Gallon (Metal Can) VOC 4
Boeshield T-9 Lubricant/Protectant
Provides long lasting lubrication, is completely water repellent and will not work into the cooling system.
Part No. Each Size Case 293-L0040-004 $27.85 14 oz. 24
Top rated by both Yachting Magazine and Powerboat Reports, Boeshield T-9® is the ideal lubricant/protectant for engines, electronics, deck hardware, fishing tackle, trailers, and all metal surfaces. Its unique formula goes on thin for maximum penetration, then dries to a light
 film for months of protection. It will also loosen rusted parts and won’t harm paints, plastics, or vinyl. Simply spray on and wipe off for a light coating, or spray and allow to dry for ultimate protection.
 Part No.
T90004 T90012
Size Case
4 oz. Aerosol 12 12 oz. Aerosol 12
  Heavy-Duty Rust & Stain Remover
Works well on stainless steel, iron galvanized, chrome or fiberglass. Removes rust stains and lime deposits from bath and bathroom fixtures. Ideal for removing rust from boat hardware. Works best between 70°F and 100°F. Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable.
Part No. Size Case
RF0008 8.45 fl. oz. 12

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