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 All Models (Carbureted) with VorStyle Head
3.0L Models
Log Style Direct Replacement
Barr Marine Products
Volvo/OMC 4 Cylinder 181 C.I.D. 140 H.P.
   OMC 1 3858850
Direct replacement exhaust manifold. Replaces OMC/Volvo part# 3858870, 986985, 3854045, 3857450, 3858871
Direct replacement exhaust riser/ elbow. Replaces OMC/Volvo part # 3862603, 3853673, 3857821, 3857198, 3863071,3851227, 3850799, 3588684.
Exhaust riser restrictor plate. Replaces OMC/Volvo part # 3853628.
Exhaust riser gasket. Two gaskets will be required when using the restrictor plate.
Exhaust manifold to head gasket. Exhaust riser mounting package. Exhaust manifold mounting package.
Part No.
OMC-1-3858850 OMC-20-3862603
OMC-20-3853628 OMC47-908013
OMC47-3853256 OMC-20-3862603P OMC-1-3858870P
      OMC 20 3862603
Manifold and riser includes all applicable plugs, mounting hardware and gaskets.
                  OMC 20 3853628
OMC47 908013
OMC 1 3858870P
            OMC47 3853256
 OMC 20 3862603P
Note: Stainless steel restrictor plate only used in some applications. If you are not sure if the plate is use, please consult your original equipment manufacturer. Two gaskets required when using the plate (one on each side of the plate).
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