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Part No.
R009204 R060064 R143164 R143130 91107075 R090268 TBD R117013 R090273 RS5126 98223016 93920000 RK120021A R088003
R020036 RMO277 TBD R062087 RMO251 RA035036B L00918 R002025 RA087008 R127097 R0360007 RS3550 R086003 R086004
Part No.
R145026 RS3857 R081008 RA035036B R084003 TBD TBD R020041 R178003 RS2055 R090267 R090267A 98222018 R090086 RS5122 RS 1078 RS0251
Crusader MP6.0L Parts
Intake Components
 Knob, cover retention
Cover, engine
Decal, cover, oval, “6.0L MPI”
Decal, cover, “Captain’s Choice”
Screw, ignition coil attaching
Bracket, coil support
Bolt, fuel rail attaching
Coil, ignition
Bracket, ignition coil mounting
Bolt, coil bracket attaching, top
Bolt, coil bracket attaching, bottom Lockwasher, coil bracket attaching, bottom Spark Plug Wire Set
Regulator, fuel pressure
(returnless type fuel system Only)
Sensor, manifold absolute pressure (MAP) Intake Manifold Gasket Set
Seal, throttle body
Plate, throttle body adapter
Gasket, throttle body
Throttle Body Assembly
Nut, throttle body attaching
Intake Manifold
Fuel Injector Assembly
Retainer, fuel injector to rail
Insert, threaded, intake
Plug pipe, 1/4” NPT
Fuel Rail, 6.0L, (right)
Fuel Rail, 6.0L with regulator pocket (left)
Throttle Body & Related Components
Arrestor, flame
Clamp, flame arrestor
Throttle Arm, throttle body
Throttle Body Assembly
Valve, idle air control
Screw, IAC valve attaching
Screw, TP sensor attaching
Sensor, throttle position
Ball Joint Assembly, cable attaching Locking Nut, cable clip mounting bolt Throttle Bracket, intake
Throttle/Degas Bottle Bracket, optional Bolt, throttle cable bracket attaching Cable Clip, throttle attaching
Bolt, cable clip mounting
Nut, throttle arm attaching
Bolt, throttle arm attaching

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