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Suzuki Controls
 Suzuki Analog Instruments
 Economically priced, high quality instruments feature easy plug-in wiring connections, perimeter-lighted dial, chrome bezels, contoured pointers and fog resistant glass lenses. All use standard 2” or 4” diameters for easy dash installation.
4” Speedometer|
Easy to read 4” Speedometer features include lighted dial, contoured pointer and fog resistant glass lens. *Requires Tubing 990C0-80009.
2” Trim Gauge |
To help maintain steering stability and good performance, proper trim angle is essential. The Trim Gauge helps you monitor the trim angle. For use with 2-wire senders.
       990C0-80102 990C0-80009*
4” Tachometers|
7,000 max R.P.M. Tachs are available with or without 4-Stroke monitor functions. Monitor functions include: Low Oil Pressure Warning, Engine Temperature Warning, Check Engine Warning and Over-Rev Limit Warning.
White 60 mph
Speedometer Tubing (not shown)
           990C0-80101 990C0-80100
White – With monitor functions White – Without monitor functions
2” Fuel Gauge|
Adding a Fuel Gauge can help you monitor fuel level.
Connects easily using your boat’s fuel sending unit harness. 990C0-80103 White
2” Water Pressure Gauge 30 psi|
Bourdon-tube type gauge measures cooling water pressure. Instructions and dash installation hardware included. Order Installation kit for appropriate model.
    2” Engine Monitor Gauge|
Engine Monitor Gauge for 4-stroke engines helps alert you to low oil pressure, high engine temperature and engine over-rev.
990C0-80108 White
2” Hour Gauge|
Handy Hour Meter helps you keep track of the time between services and total running time.
2” Voltmeter|
 Water Pressure Gauge Installation Kits|
Kit includes fittings and hoses needed for motor to gauge connection.
       A well charged battery is essential for quick and easy starts. Monitor the charging system using a Voltmeter.
990C0-80106 White
34660-93J00 34660-96J00 34660-99E00 34660-87J00 34660-90J02
DF225/250/250AP/300APP DF150/150AP/150A/DF175/175AP/175A/200A
DF40/50 DF40A/50A/50AV/60A/60AV/70A/90/DF90A/115/115A/140/140A

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