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Suzuki Controls
  Suzuki Analog Instruments
  Economically priced, high quality instruments feature easy plug-in wiring connections, perimeter-lighted dial, chrome bezels, contoured pointers and fog resistant glass lenses. All use standard 2” or 4” diameters for easy dash installation.
4” Tachometers|
7,000 max RPM Tachs are available with or without 4-Stroke monitor functions. Monitor functions include: Low Oil Pressure Warning, Engine Temperature Warning, Check Engine Warning and Over-Rev Limit Warning.
34200-93J14 With monitor functions 34200-93J32 Without monitor functions
4” Tachometer With Suzuki Troll Mode Scale|
Easy to read 4” Tachometer has a scale from 0-7,000 RPM for standard use and a secondary
scale from 0-3,000 RPM with markers at 50 RPM intervals for use with the Suzuki Troll Mode System. Gauge also includes warning lamps for Engine Temperature, Low Oil, Check Engine, and Over-Rev. When in Troll mode, Over-Rev Lamp stays on to indicate that Troll mode has been engaged. The secondary RPM scale is designed to make setting and maintaining a lower troll speed simple. Fits DF40A/50A/50AV/60A/60AV/70A/90A/115A/140A (DF300 requires C-10 gauges) *See engine owner’s manual for information about Suzuki Troll Mode system. Not all models come equipped with trolling mode system. Accessory Troll Mode Switch is required for Suzuki Troll Mode System use. Suzuki recommends the use of this gauge for trolling use.
2” Hour Meter|
12 volt electric motor driven meter indicates the number of hours your outboard motor has been operated to indicate when periodic services are necessary.
34500-93J13 White
2” Trim Gauge|
Magnetic type gauge shows trim angle for optimum performance
and efficiency. 34800-93J11 White
2” Voltmeter|
A well charged battery is essential for quick and easy starts. Monitor the charging system using a Voltmeter.
DF40A/50A/50AV/60A/60AV/70A/90A/115A/140A/150/175/250SS (DF150/175AP/200AP/250AP/300AP/300 requires digital instrumentation)
2” Fuel Gauge|
Operates on 12 volts with magnetically damped needle. Works
with most fuel tank sending units. 34300-93J11 White
2” Water Pressure Gauge 15 psi|
Bourdon-tube type gauge measures cooling water pressure. Instructions and dash installation hardware included. Order Installation kit for appropriate model.
        4” Speedometers|
Bourdon-tube type speedometer with readings in M.P.H. and Km/h. Includes vinyl tube, plus all installation instructions and hardware. *Pitot tube 34190-87D00 must be ordered separately.
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  34100-93J11 34100-93J33 34190-87D00*
80 mph 50 mph Pitot Tube
     Trolling Mode Control Switch|
Allows the use of the Suzuki Troll Mode on equipped engines.
When Troll mode is engaged, this switch allows for adjustments
of engine RPM in 50 RPM increments, from idle to 1,200 RPM to make setting and maintaining a trolling speed easy. Consult owner’s manual or Suzuki Outboard Dealer for additional details on Suzuki Troll System operation.
37860-87L00 DF40A/50A/50AV/60A/60AV/70A/90A/115A/115SS/140A/150AP/175AP DF200A/250AP/300AP
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