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Suzuki Controls
   The New Suzuki Color Display is a LED high resolution screen that has very sharp, crisp lines and is extremely easy to read. It has a bonded glass front screen so whether it be sun, salt, or UV rays, your screen will never blur or fade like a plastic cover. The C-10 has its mounting points in the front so there is no need to crawl under your console to mount it. It connects to Suzuki’s digital harnesses with one easy connection. Save your favorite programming and update the display using the Mini USB port. The C-10 is able to monitor functions such as RPM, Speed*, Water Pressure*, Fuel Level*, Fuel Consumption, Coolant Temperature, Oil Level, Oil Temperature, Trim Level, Hours, or Volts (*additional sensors required). The C-10 is able to monitor up to 2 engines simultaneously. The Suzuki C-10 can be retro fitted, to replace a 4” round gauge.
n Bright, full color 320 x 240 LED screen makes it easier to see menus and screen detail in both full sunlight and night operation
Adaptor must be used with Engine Interface to connect the DF150AP/175AP/200AP/250AP/300AP Outboard to the system.
  This cover protects the Suzuki Color Display (C-10) from the elements. Use the cover to extend the life of your Suzuki C-10 color gauges.
990C0-10C10 Suzuki C10 Cover Color Display|Update Cable|
GPS Antenna with Compass|
Suzuki has upgraded its GPS Antenna to include compass heading.
990C0-88122 GPS Antenna with Compass Heading Engine Interface Cables|
DF9.9B thru DF300AP Suzuki Outboards can connect to the system using the exclusive Engine Interface. (Adaptor Cable also needed for DF150AP/175AP/200AP/250AP/300AP applications.)
990C0-88149-350 Software Version 3.5 (subject to change) 990C0-88149-290 Software Version 2.9 (subject to change)
NMEA 2000 Extension Cables|
NMEA 2000 Extension Cable allows compatible sensors or other devices can be added by the use of T-Connectors throughout the system.
Fluid Level Sensor
990C0-88131 990C0-88132 990C0-88133 990C0-88132 x2 990C0-88136
Single Engine Adaptor (not shown) Dual Engine Adaptor (not shown) Triple Engine Adaptor (not shown) Quad Engine Adaptor (not shown) NMEA 2000 Adaptor
– to connect at engine SDS connector
K8 Adaptor (not shown) Required in order to put new style Interface cable on older system with round SDS connection.
          n Fits standard 3 3/8” gauge cutout
n Displays data for one or two engines per gauge n Preconfigured pages or create your own
n Micro USB for software updates (update
cable required)
n Power and data through single NMEA 2000
micro-C connector
n Low profile front mount – 8mm of dash (rear
mount option for “glass dash” installations)
Suzuki Color Display Kit|
990C0-02C10-KIT Suzuki Color Display Kit includes:
Power Cable|
Fused(3A) lead connects extension cable to the power source. 990C0-88112 Single Power Cable
Quad Power Node|
Allows network to be powered from multiple power sources
(key switch, accessory switch, etc...). 990C0-88130 Quad Power Node
NMEA Adaptor|
Used to connect a new style NMEA device net connector to an
older network with Blue T’s.
990C0-88137 NMEA Device to Blue “T”
Used to connect an early Blue Connector device to the later NMEA T.
990C0-88029 Blue Device to NMEA “T”
T-Connector for NMEA 2000 system. 990C0-88110 T-Connector
Terminating Resistors|
120 ohm Terminating Resistors are required for any open cable
ends in the NMEA 2000 system. 990C0-88113 Terminator – Female
990C0-88114 Terminator – Male Fluid Level Sensor|
Monitors fluid levels such as fuel, live well water level, etc. 10 ft. cable.
         Part No.
990C0-01C10 990C0-88114 990C0-88112
Suzuki Color Display Male Terminator Power Cable
Qty Part No.
1 990C0-88113
1 990C0-88110
1 990C0-88149-350
Description Qty Female Terminator 1 NMEA “T” 3 Interface Cable 1
                Suzuki C-10 Cover|
                                       990C0-88104 990C0-88105 990C0-88107 990C0-88108
2’ Connection cable 6’ Connection cable 15’ Connection cable 25’ Connection cable
Speed Sensor|
Paddle wheel-type speed sensor. 10ft. cable. 990C0-88117 Speed Wheel
Temperature Sensor|
Surface Water Temperature sensor. 10ft. cable. 990C0-88118 Temperature Sensor
Water Pressure Sensor| 990C0-88339 Water Pressure Sensor

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