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Suzuki Controls
    Control Panel Assemblies
Single to multiple engine, single or second station, select the panel needed for your application. Requires Main Switch Assembly 37100-98J03.
Triple Engine Control Panel Assy
Dual/Quad Engine Control Panel Assy
37100-98J21 Dual Engine Control Panel Assembly 37100-98J21 x2 Quad Engine Control Panel Assembly
Battery Lead
Battery Isolator Lead Sets
Used for charging an auxiliary battery.
Single Engine Control Panel Assy
37100-98J11 Single Engine Control Panel Assembly
Wiring Harnesses
Triple Engine Control Panel Assembly
6.5’ (2m) Wiring Harness Extension (Optional; order as needed)
     Emergency Stop Switch Panel Assy
Includes: Emergency Stop Switch with Panel and Lanyard. Required at each station.
Emergency Stop Switch Panel Assy
Replacement Wiring Harness (not shown)
       33830-98J02 33830-98J11
DF300 2007-2011 only DF150/150AP/175/175AP/200AP/250AP/ 300A/300AP
36621-98J00 36621-98J10 36622-98J00 36770-98J13
Dual Engine Single Station Harness Triple Engine Single Station Harness Dual Station Main Harness
Boat Control Module (BCM)
          Main Power Key Switch Assembly
Main Power Key Switch required for use with switch control panels listed above. Includes key.
Wiring Harnesses
Main Wiring Harness. Order length as needed for rigging applications.
BCM Harness
36623-98J20 36623-98J30 36624-98J02 36624-98J11 36623-98J40
BCM Harness No1
for Single Engine Single Station BCM Harness No1
for Multiple Engines Single Station BCM Harness No 2
for Single Engine Second Station BCM Harness No 2
for Multiple Engine Second Station BCM Quadruple Harness
Main Power Key Switch Assembly
36620-98J31 36620-98J41
21’ (6.5m) Wiring Harness 31’ (9.5m) Wiring Harness

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