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  Telescoping Outriggers
Heavy-Duty 1-1/2" Base
TAC FIG 2222
Part No. Price Base OD
OT-0542VEL15-HD $1,187.63 1-1/2"
These anodized aluminum outrigger poles have 316 stainless steel springs, buttons, and eyelets. They retract to less than six feet for storage or transport. For use with F16-0150 gunnel mount Striker base (S/O) and the Grand Slam 280 top-mount.
 Maximum locking force on the outrigger height lock eliminating slippage
  Sealed to prevent water leakage through the mount
 Rotator lever easy to install bolt-on mounting
 Adjustable positions during installation
 Adjustable heavy-duty grip
  Telescopes to less than 6 feet for bridge clearance, trailering and storage. Designed for universal use with Grand Slams, Sport Slams, Striker Bases, and other brands of mounts that accept 1-1/2" or 1-1/8" butt end diameter outriggers.
15' HD Silver/Silver Poles
   OT Series Telescopic Outrigger Poles
Part No.
  OT-0551BKA186 $1,058.67 OT-441BKA15 $359.84
Base OD Description
1-1/2" 18' Black/Gold aluminum
1-1/8" 15' Black/Gold aluminum
1-1/2" 15' Black/Silver aluminum
1-1/2" 20' Black/Silver carbon fiber
TAC FIG 2220
The easy pull down ergonomic shaped rotator handle offers 12 locking fishing positions and is operated while at the helm. Adjustable arm offers multiple positions, for fishing and lay down for bridges, storage and trailering. Offers safe outrigger repositioning from under the top. Fits existing TACO outrigger ready mounting plates for easy 10-minute installations. Secure grip for sure handling in seas and designed for durability and performance. Anodized aluminum.
  OT-0542BKA15-HD OT-4200CF-HD $3,199.99
S/O Only
  Grand Slam Heavy Duty 390 Mount
for 1-1/2" Outrigger
Part No.
1-1/2" Top Outrigger Mounts
   This base is perfect for the bigger, faster center console boats between 25’ and 40’. Anglers can easily deploy an outrigger’s ver- tical lift and horizontal rotation from the boat deck in rough seas. Additionally, the GS-390 comes equipped with our secure pin-locking technology and pairs well with TACO’s Deluxe Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Tele-Outriggers. Also available to OEMs and Fabricators as the GS-390-180 with an fore-facing rotation handle for tops that require additional hand clearance.
Part No. Pair Weight
GS390 $3,175.96 17.5 lbs
   Deluxe Aluminum Tele-Outrigger Poles
Designed for offshore trolling in search of bigger fish, these poles have a thicker wall for enhanced durability and feature patent- pending 360o swivel collars for better natural bait presentation and reduced halyard friction. The Deluxe Poles telescope below 8' for trailering, storage and bridge clearance and extend to 18'—increasing the strike zone when fishing. Color: Silver.
Part No. Price Length Diameter
OT-0318HD-VEL S/O Only 18 ft. (7' 11" collapsed) 1-1/2"
Grand Slam 280 Series Top Outrigger Mounts
Black’s Release Clip
For Outriggers
 Designed expressly to keep outrigger line and fishing line from foul- ing. They have the versatility to be used with outrigger, downrigger and kite. Made of nylon, brass and stainless steel.
Part No. Each Description
RC100 $14.60 Outrigger Release Clip

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