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Fireboy-Xintex Fire Detection System
Monitor engine room and/or accommodation areas
This system is for monitoring 1 or 2 zones. It does not require extensive set up or programming. Consists of a monitor panel and up to 14 smoke or heat detectors for a 12V DC system, or 8 detectors on a 24V DC system, and/or rate of rise heat detectors connected to each zone (sold sepa- rately.) All zone names are easily programmed, i.e. engine room, upper deck, galley, master stateroom etc. It also has backlight for night operation. The 2-5/8" square membrane style display panel, has colored LEDs indicating power, status. Full indication from one central location on the boat, visual and audible indication of a fire or fault, a waterproof display, 68dB horn and the 2-1/8" housing may be installed inside wall or at helm station. All items sold separately.
Part No.
FR-2000-R AP65-PESD-02-TB-R AP65-HD170-02-TB-R
Each Size
$444.65 2-5/8" $119.95 2-1/6" $85.40 2-1/8"
2-Zone Monitor Display (requires smoke and/or heat detector) Smoke Detector (requires FR Series detection monitor)
170° Heat Detector (requires FR Series detection monitor)
M1 Gasoline Fume Detector
MS2 Spare Sensor & Cord
FRY FIG 8947
MS2 is a hydrocarbon sensor and will detect either gasoline or pro- pane fumes. It is a replacement sensor for M1, MB1, MB2, M2A, S1 & S2A. Includes the sensor, 12" lead with connector and a 20-ft. cord.
    Gasoline Fume Detector and Alarm
FRY FIG 8948
with Plastic Sensor
   A simple plug-in gasoline detector with “test" and “alarm silence" buttons and 2-inch round black display. It’s 68 dBA alarm will sound and a red LED will light at 20% of the LEL. Includes 20-ft. cable.
Part No.
G-1B-R FS-T01-S-R
FRY FIG 8945
Each Volt
$279.50 9-30V DC $127.75 9-30V DC
Gasoline Detector Replacement Sensor for G1BR
Part No. Each
MS2 $125.00
Spare Sensor and Cord
  CMD5MD Carbon Monoxide Detector CMD5MD
Carbon monoxide (CO) is generated wherever combustion occurs, including the operation of gasoline engines, as well as heating and cook- ing appliances. It is invisible, odorless, tasteless and deadly. Faulty venting or even a wind shift can create a dangerous situation, particularly in confined areas like boat cabins. The CMD5M CO detector uses an electrochemical sensor operating with a microprocessor to measure and accumulate CO levels. Using Time Weighted Average, when 10% COH6 level is sensed, the 85dB alarm will sound. It is highly resistant to most chemicals and cleaners and has a low 4mA current draw, 12/24V units. All units are surface mounted and are 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.1" in dimension. CMD5MB is a battery-operated unit that is powered by two sealed non-replaceable lithium batteries that last approximately 7 years. CMD5MD is a 12/24V DC unit operated by vessel power. CMD5MDI is a 12/24V DC unit that includes an interconnect that allows you to link up to six additional CMD5MDI units together in series. When one unit alarms, they all alarm. The RCM5 is an alarm relay control module used for the operation of an automatic generator shutdown. This is purchased separately and is only used with the CMD5MDI unit. The sensors in all units monitor themselves and have an end of life cycle of approximately 7 years. Mounting bracket and screws INCLUDED.
Part No.
Each Description
$181.50 Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Detector with New Sensor Technology $149.80 12/24V DC Carbon Monoxide Detector White Surface Mount
$152.10 12/24V DC with Interconnect White Surface Mount
$80.50 Relay Control Module for Interconnect
Time-Weighted Average Sensor Technology

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