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  WESMAR DSP5000 Stabilizers
Dual Cylinder Fin Actuator
Single Cylinder Fin Actuator
      Typical Hydraulic Tank with Valve Drive Junction Box Mounted to Right Side
At the heart of WESMAR’s Wave-Smart Continuous Feedback Digital Controller provides accurate real time control feedback for roll and horizon. Because this proprietary instrument functions continuously, you get the smoothest ride possible in all sea conditions. Aside from remaining stable underway, in hard turns, and as speed decreases the gyro’s feedback when used at anchor gives you on-land stability. Our at anchor fins move at 50 degrees per second while ramping down slowly at the end of each cylinder stroke
Four-Step DSP5000 Upgrade Will Give you New Levels of Comfort... Whether you have an older WESMAR stabilizer system or one manufactured by another company, WESMAR has upgrade kits to bring your vessel the smooth and quiet WAVE-SMART level of comfort. The changeover is easy!
“Made-to-Fit” tailored hydraulic packages for your stabilizer system are clean, rugged, and built for heavy-duty service.
Most components are powder coated with a corrosion resistant white finish that is easy to maintain and looks great in any engine compar tment
3-Axis Gyro
•Replace control console junction box
•Replace your current controller with Wave-Smart
•Install proprietary 3-axis gyro •Modify valve drive wiring

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