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Consider a thruster for your boat as two component parts, the drive, which consists of the gearbox and the props, and the power source that is connected to the drive.
Choosing the combination depends upon the size and characteristics of your vessel.
WESMAR offers a variety of drive sizes that operate with either hydraulic or electric power sources. Drop-in retrofits replace Max Power, Vetus and Side-Power equipment are also available.
The pages that follow include most of the off-the-shelf thruster systems WESMAR has available.
Some important features are highlighted to the right. Keep in mind that WESMAR can manufacture practically any configuration needed for applications from 5HP to 500 HP.
WESMAR’s dual prop, counter-rotating bow and stern thrusters bring more power, less noise and less vibration.
The counter rotation splits the power between two matched sets of spiral beveled gears yielding very high
propeller efficiency. The aft propeller recovers the swirl energy left behind by the forward propeller creating up to 40% more thrust than single prop thrusters, with the same input power. With more thrust, smaller tunnel diameters are possible, reducing drag, saving space and fuel.
 Detailed information about propellers available on request.
  Noiminal Prop Size
10 inch
12 inch
16 inch
18 inch
20 inch
24 inch
26 inch
34 inch
48 inch
Typical Horsepower Range
5-15 HP
5-15 HP
5-15 HP
10-25 HP
13-40 HP
40-60 HP
75-100 HP
75-150 HP
150-225 HP
150-225 HP
200-350 HP
Power Source
Hydraulic DC AC
Drive Control
On/Off Proportional Control / Soft Control
   •• ••
•• ••
•• ••
•• ••
• •••
                  400-500 inch

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