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mfr BCI8000
BEN FIG 3853
BOLT Electric Trim Tabs with Adjustable Upper Hinge
 BOLT Electric Trim Tabs combine cutting-edge technology with a robust and water-tight actuator. Wires are concealed and protected through the adjustable upper hinge — there are no exposed wires to the marine environment. The main seal is located high to protect against marine growth and water intrusion failures. Installation is fast — no need to disassemble parts of the actuator. Single actuator use, due to the inability to synchronize two electric actuators on the same tab. For: Trailered boats from 17-28 feet. The kit INCLUDES: 2-12-Volt actuators with 6-ft. wire harnesses and waterproof connectors, two stainless steel trim planes and mounting plates. One con- trol box with 3-ft. wire harness and diagnostics, and 2-20-ft. harnesses with waterproof connectors. BCI8000 combines three features into one compact control — Rocker switch control, trim tab position indicator and Auto Tab Retractor. Highly accurate and features variable intensity LEDs for night or day. Has water-resistant keypad and connectors and is completely plug and play, no need to run additional wiring back to the transom. The control box incorporates innovative LED status indicators simplifying installation and trou- bleshooting. HYDBOLTCON – Quick and easy conversion from standard Bennett hydraulic single actuator systems (A1101A) using your existing wiring, rocker switch and trim planes. No rewiring or drilling of new holes required. Volt: 12 DC.
Part No.
Performance Sport Tabs ST16, ST12 and ST9
ST9 ST16
BEN FIG 3859
This system offers strength, durability, and good looks. Tabs are con- structed of thick, 12-gauge stainless steel with vertical stiffeners for extra strength. The inboard edges of the tab are tapered to prevent lower unit interference and cavitation. Uses only 12" of transom per side. INCLUDES euro-style rocker switch control. Engineered for speeds 40 to 60 mph. The ST16 is the largest Sport Tab and is appro- priate for use on boats 25 feet and above. The ST12 is the ideal perfor- mance addition for boats below 25 feet. ST9 is single cylinder Sport Tab that offers the same structural integrity as the ST16 and ST12, but is designed for boats slightly less demanding. Kit also INCLUDES hydraulic power unit, and all necessary wiring, tubing and hardware.
Each Description
$583.15 12" x 9" Electric Trim Tab System $625.95 18" x 9" Electric Trim Tab System $625.95 12" x 12" Electric Trim Tab System $422.65 BOLT Control with LED Indicators $374.50 Hydraulic-To-Bolt Conversion Kit $240.75 BOLT Adjustable Actuator
$208.65 BOLT Control – No LED Indicators
$101.65 BOLT Euro Rocker Switch Controls Sold Separately
Bennett Controls
Electronic Indicator Control EIC5000
BEN FIG 3858
Euro-Style Rocker Switch ES2000
 Part No. Complete
ST16 $1,243.35
ST12 $1,149.20
ST9 $908.45
MPST16 $87.74
IMPORTANT NOTE: Performance Sport Tabs are not for offshore or inland racing. Many factors determine the appropriate size and type of trim tabs for high horsepower boats. Therefore, special care and consideration is required in trim tab selection.
Size Volts
Boat Length
12" x 16" 12 12" x 12" 12 12" x 9" 12
25 ft + up Below 25 ft. Below 21 ft.
Part No. Each
ES2000 $99.90 ES2000A $131.61 EIC5000 $426.95 EIC101 $168.00 EIC102 $176.40
Control Type Hole Size
European Style Dual sq. Rocker Only Switch for Flybridge with 20' Harness
Dual Rocker w/Indicators 2" 12V EIC Relay Module
24V EIC Relay Module
Actuators Per Plane 2
ES2000 Euro-Style Rocker Switch Control is ergonomically designed, water-resistant and provides a positive “click" when the trim tabs are engaged. Its lock-out feature prevents user from pressing down on opposite directions at the same time. The control is easy to install, fitting into any existing Bennett 2-1/2" rocker switch hole. EIC5000 Electronic Indicator Control saves space on the helm with three features combined into one sophisticated control — the popular Bennett rocker switch con- trol, trim tab indicator and the auto tab retractor. Water- resistant, highly accurate and features variable intensity LEDs for night or day. Features a relay module mounted near the transom, which simpli- fies installation by reducing the number of wires to run to the helm.
  Mounting plates for ST16

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