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Electric Trim Tab Systems
For over half a century, boaters have enjoyed the tangible benefits of Bennett Marine’s exceptionally effective and dependable marine products. We’re proud to say that boaters trust our brand. After all, we invented the world’s first adjustable trim tab—and we’ve never stopped pushing forward.
Inspired by more than fifty years of Bennett Marine’s proven success, BOLT electric trim tabs provide the reliability the harsh marine environment demands. Plus, BOLT systems are easy to install and backed by the best warranty and support available.
Reduce bow rise, plane faster, correct listing.
     BOLT Rocker
Joystick Indicator Control
(JOY1000) (OBI9000E)
AutoTrim Pro
 Above the Standard. Across the Spectrum.
Whether you decide to go with an electric or hydraulic trim tab system, Bennett is the only trim tab manufacturer to offer both. We’re able to provide the best possible options for boats of all sizes—with customer support second to none. Enjoy the ease of installation, benefits, and unmatched durability of BOLT electric trim tab systems. Get Bennett on board and enjoy the ride!
 Technical questions? Call Bennett Marine at (954) 427-1400
A Division of Yamaha Marine Systems Company, Inc.

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