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   TEL FIG 6564
With New “Pro" High Performance Helm Pump
HH5770-3 HC5345-3 SeaStar “Pro" Helm
NOTE: The only difference between these cylinders is the center mount plate shape and size. HC5358-3, NOT pictured, is the same as HC5345- 3 except the plate is factory pinned in upside down.
  SeaStar Pro is specifically designed to tame high horsepower steering loads with a special lockout device providing instant steering response. Suited for all high-speed outboard powered boats capable of speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour. Helm has a 2.0 cubic inch displacement with a 1500 PSI relief valve setting. For SeaStar Pro Systems, use of HT nylon tubing is NOT recommended, use, HC57__ Kevlar O/B Hose Kit: SPECIAL ORDER
Part No. Each
HH5770-3 $705.34 HC5345-3 $852.41 HC5358-3 $877.88 HC5358SIL $905.72 *Optional PRO Cylinders with
HC6345 = HC5345; HC6358
SeaStar Pro Helm Pump 3/4" Standard Taper – Does Not Work with PA1200-2 Power Assist Pivot Front-Mount Cylinder Complete
Pivot Front-Mount Cylinder Complete (4 Stroke J/E, Mercury, Suzuki, Yamaha)
Outboard FM PP Cylinder Silver
   longer shaft bushings and larger pivot bushings for an even more solid feel! = HC5358 except for these larger bushings.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – Application Guide
SeaStar Pro is for high-performance boats with single non-power-assist- ed outboards up to 300HP, especially those capable
of speeds over
60 MPH, which demand maximum steering control and comfort. It is suitable for use with high-perfor- mance propellors and jack plates.
NOTE: When properly installed, this steering system will connect
to outboard engines with ABYC standard
tilt tubes, using the engine’s tiller arm (and possibly an adapter). Use only SeaStar PRO steering hoses (HO57 type, in 14, 16, &18). Do not use nylon tubing with SeaStar PRO. SeaStar PRO requires a balanced cylinder; do not use SeaStar PRO helms with unbalanced cylinders (side mount, splashwell mount, etc.) or steering will be very stiff in one direction.
    Choice for High Speed Single Outboard Boats!
 Engine Cylinder
Maker/Brand Year Model Part Number Notes
FORCE 1985-Date 90-150HP HC5345-3
 HONDA 1996-Date 150-300HP HC5345-3
Johnson/Evinrude 1977-1990 2002-Date 2003-Date 2005-Date
150-300HP 150-250 4-Stroke 150-300HP ETech
E250HP Vindicator
N/A Contact SeaStar HC5345-3
N/A Contact SeaStar
 Mercury/Mariner 1989-Date 150-300 2-Stroke, 4 Stroke HC5345-3 XS engine requires and XS Engines Mercury-supplied tiller bolt on install
Suzuki 1986-Date 150-250HP 2-Stroke, 4 Stroke HC5345-3
 Yamaha 1986-Date 150-250HP 2-Stroke, 4-Stroke HC5345-3 2002-Date 300 HPDI HC5358-3
   Ordering Guide
The ultimate steering for high-speed single outboards, SeaStar PRO®, is designed for the high speed and performance of today’s top-end bass boats. Recommended for single outboards up to 300HP (even with jack plates and performance props), SeaStar PRO has steered the BASS Master Classic® since 1994 and it’s the choice of high performance outboard boatbuilders.
 Engine/Cylinder Component Qty.
Configuration Description Required Model Part No.
SINGLE ENGINE Cylinder 1 Pivot Front Mount HC53__ (see Application Guide)
 (SINGLE CYLINDER) Helm 1 Seastar Pro HH5770
Applications up to Hose Kit 1 Seastar Pro Hose HO57__ 300HP maximum
Number of Turns: 4.25 Oil 3 Seastar Oil (QT.) HA5430

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