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The Safe-T Steering System meets B.I.A. specifications for mechanical steering and is recommended for use on outboard, inboard/outboard and inboard boats. Since many factors influence steering loads, this recommendation is only a guide-line. The safe-T Steering System is based on a helical cable driven by a geared wheel for added power and maximum efficiency. This unique construction provides smooth steering with instant response and precision control. This system is built for long service, minimum maintenance and easy installation.
No Feedback Steering Helms
SH4910 SH5150P
 How to Measure Cable Length
A. Center Line of Wheel to Gunwale
B. Dash to Transom
C. Gunwale to Center Line
1. For Installations through engine tilt tube
A+B+C+6" = Cable Length Example 1:
A=18" B=96" C=24" Total 138 + 6" = 144 = 12 ft. 2. For Installations mounted to transom or splashwell
A+B+C+ -6" = Cable Length Example 2
A=18" B=96" C=24" Total 138 -6" = 132 = 11 ft. (Round off total to next Full Foot)
 Safe-T-Single Helms
These helms feature smooth, easy feel, minimal free play and no feed back. They fit most steering wheels with standard 3/4" tapered helm shafts that offer easy wheel alignment and maximum steering wheel diameter of 16". Both have a mounting hole pattern like standard safe-T helms. SH4910 is recommended for outboard boats rated to 235 HP, I/Os to 330 HP, and single station up to 34’ boats. 4.2 turns lock to lock. Recommended for single or dual cable installations. Dual cables recommended for V-6 outboard engines. SH5150P features a compact rotary helm with 3-turn lock to lock. Available in single cable version. It’s perfect for non-pow- er-assisted V-4 and smaller engines on boats with speeds up to 50 mph and where quick steering response is needed.
    Part No.
SH4910P SH5150P
$168.81 $156.33
Engine Application
Up to 330 HP V-4 and Smaller
Safe-T-Single Helm drives the push/pull cable through full travel at the engine end in 3-1/4 turns of the wheel.
Part No. Each Description
SH5023P $186.39 Single Steering Helm
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – Bezel Kits
   WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – QCII Converter
This adapter converts old style rotary helms, Safe-T and Big-T with threaded spigots to accept the new SSC61 series cables. Thread it on your helm and snap in the new cable.
Part No. Each
SA27620P $18.40
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
20˚ Mount SB27483 – Black
90˚ Mount SB27484 – Black
 SB27483 and SB27484 are used on the Safe-T helms. Made of plas-
tic. Complete with mounting hardware.
Part No.
SB27483P SB27484P
$36.62 20° Black $24.66 90° Black
 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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