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   Part No.
SH5088P SH91692P SB39452P
Part No.
SSC21906 SSC21907
$167.82 $293.09 $24.66
Length Part No.
6 ft. SSC21908 7 ft.
270° Helm
Helm, Jet Boat System, 270 Deg. Tilt 90° Bezel Kit
Jet Boat Steering
This system is recommended for use in all jet boat applications powered by Mercury® Sport Jet or OMC® Turbo Jet drives up to 175hp. It has an ultra-compact 90° dash mount helm with stylish 4.4" bezel. 135° or 270° turning arc lock-to-lock. Uses a true steering cable with stainless steel inner core and output ends. The 90° or 180° cable entry into helm allows alternate cable routing (looking at dash, options are 9:00, 12:00, or 3:00 routing positions. Built-in steering stops prevent additional cable stress in hard-over positions. Standard 3/4" tapered shaft, 3.5" cable travel. Mercury® and OMC® nozzle/gate connection kits.
SH5088P SB39452P
$132.71 $136.29
8 ft.
  Safe-T Quick Connect Steering Systems SS137 System
• Compact rotary helm unit occupies minimum space behind
the dashboard
• 3 turns lock-to-lock for standard travel
• Variety of bezels offer mounting flexibility
• Stainless steel cable output ends minimize corrosion
• Standard 3/4" tapered shaft
• Exceeds A.B.Y.C. safety standards and N.M.M.A.
certification requirements. APPLICATIONS
• Boats up to 24 feet • Steering wheels up to 16" • Single engines
SeaStar Replacement Cable Fig. 4080 No. SSC62 and Cable Length
For safe, simple, reliable steering for boats up to the 24-foot range, we now offer the Safe-T Quick Connect system. This system does not require tools for connection of the cable to the helm. Twin cable systems are recommended for boats that exceed 50 mph or experience insta- bility due to engine flutter. Follow engine maker recommendations. System INCLUDES helm, cable and 90° black bezel (SB27484).
 Part No.
SS13710 SS13711 SS13712
System Price
$235.48 $235.48 $235.48
Cable Length
10 ft. 11 ft. 12 ft.
Part No.
SS13713 SS13714 SS13715
System Price
$235.48 $235.48 $235.48
Cable Length
13 ft. 14 ft. 15 ft.
     Safe-T QC, Rotary Steering System
Safe-T QC fits virtually all power-assisted stern drive boats with wheels up to 16" diameter & Outboards to 80 hp. Replaces all SeaStar Solutions Safe-T helms made since 1968 with little or no dash modifications. (Requires use of SSC61 QC steering cable.)
Steering System in a Box
Quick-response of 3 turns lock-to-lock. Stainless steel cable output ends. Fast, easy installation: uses simple snap-in cable connection, SeaStar Solutions Quick Connect (QC) cable, and industry-standard Safe-T mounting hardware.
  mfr The Kit Contains the Following TEL (1) TEL SH5094-1P......Helm
(1) TEL SB27484P.....90° Bezel Kit Hardware & Instruction Sheets
3 Steering wheel turns lock-to-lock
Part No.
SS13708 SS13709 SS13710 SS13711 SS13712 SS13713
Length Part No.
Each Length
$235.48 14' $235.48 15' $235.48 16' $235.48 17' $235.48 18'
This kit contains the following:
• 1 x SH91526P, (8130138) NFB Tilt Helm TEL
• 1 x SH91800P, (8130149) Performance Tilt Mechanism
• 1 x SSC62xx, Steering Cable
11' 16'
Wheel Sold Separately
$235.48 13'
8' SS13714
  9' SS13715
10' SS13716
11' SS13717
12' SS13718
        Nfb 4.2 Tilt Steering System For Outboards With Non-Power-Assisted, Single Cable Steering
NFB 4.2 Tilt single-cable systems are suitable for most single-station boats with a single non-power-assisted outboard or stern drive engine up to V-6 and minimal engine flutter or steering instability. 4.2 Tilt accepts wheels up to 16" diameter. Drop-in replacement for all current generation Teleflex Tilt Steering with no dash modification and replaces other rotary steering systems with minimal dash modifications.
 mfr nfb Part No. Each
SS15711 $391.19 SS15716 $406.06
   WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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