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UC95OBF Front-Mount Cylinder
  The most robust steering
system for up to 175HP Split Tilt Tube Rod for easy installation
Cast aluminum bullhorns for peak
   Easy to install and fits almost every 2 and 4-stroke outboard engine Installs without having to remove the engine from the transom
Constructed of top-grade materials, the UC95 features heavy-duty cylinder rod,
seals and link assemblies. Designed for single-engine applications of 175HP and under, it is simple to install and fits virtually all two- and four-stroke outboard engines. Recommended for use with the UP20 series helm and OB or OB-BHBR hose kits.
Key Features
• Themostrobuststeeringsystemforup to 175 HP
• Replaceable shaft seals
• Splitandpinnedmountingrodforeasy installation
• Bushingspreventfrictionwithenginetilt tube
• Heavy-dutycastaluminumbullhorns
• Adjustablebossfittings
• Directreplacementforcompeting cylinder
• Compatiblewithcompetinghoses,oil and 1000 PSI Helms
• 4.5 turns lock to lock
Key Advantages
• Industryexclusive“SplitTiltTubeRod” which allows you to install the cylinder without having to remove the engine
• Capableofstandinguptothestresses of the 175HP 4-stroke engines
• Adjustablebossstylefittingsforeasy installation
 The Inside Story – Advantage Uflex
   Staked aluminum piston for maximum durability.
Conventional Systems
Threaded composite piston
Split tilt-tube rod includes durable, corrosion- resistant bushings.
Detached tilt tube rod with limited support
Rugged cast aluminum bullhorn for maximum stability and durability.
Bent steel “bullhorn” with limited structure for steering loads
     “As a professional fisherman, I count on my steering everyday. The Uflex cylinder has outlasted every steering system I have ever owned and it makes driving my boat a pleasure.” – Captain Greg Abbott
 6442 Parkland Drive | Sarasota, FL 34243 | 941.351.2628 | MADE IN USA
  without having to remove the engine
Adjustable Boss style fittings for proper hose routing
resistance to high torque loads
Staked aluminum piston for maximum durability

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