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ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound 202
ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound 202 is a solvent-free, epoxy-based, light-weight filler, which provides the ideal product for yachts that require filling and fairing. ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound 202 has excellent application, sanding and anti-sagging properties. It is designed to be easy to mix and apply, while the cured film provides an excellent surface for re-coat- ing with other ALEXSEAL® Yacht Coating products. This compound cures without shrinking. ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound 202 is used for fairing all appropriately prepared surfaces. ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound 202 is used for surfaces above and below the waterline. If ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound 202 is used below the water line it must be sealed with ALEXSEAL® 442 Epoxy Primer.
  1 Part by Volume P2094 or P2083 ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound 202 Mixing Ratio: 1 Part by Volume C2075 or C2017 ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound Converter
(ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound 202 must NOT be reduced)
   Application & Equipment
Trowels, spatulas, straight edge materials
 The components of ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound 202 have different colors to control the mixing process. After mixing, the color of the fillers should be homogeneous (medium gray). If the base and converter are not mixed thoroughly, it could result in an improperly cured batch. Mixing can be done mechanically with slow-turning dough mixers or manually. Do not use drill mixers. The mixing in of air bubbles should be avoided.
The material can be easily applied by spatula or trowel; inclusion of air pockets should be avoided. Applying the product to the surface in thin layers and working up to the desired thickness before pulling the product out with a straight edge, will help avoid creating air pockets in the applied product. For equipment cleaning use ALEXSEAL® Primer Reducer R4042.
 Technical Data Sheets and MSDS Sheets available upon request or visit
Part No.
C2017 2GL C2017 HG C2075 2GL C2075 HG P2094 2GL P2094 HG
Each Size
$392.00 2-Gallon $126.00 Half-Gallon $392.00 2-Gallon $126.00 Half-Gallon $392.00 2-Gallon $126.00 Half-Gallon
Fairing Compound Fast Converter, Red
Fairing Compound Fast Converter, Red
Fairing Compound Standard Converter, Dark Gray Fairing Compound Standard Converter, Dark Gray Fairing Compound 202 Base, White
Fairing Compound 202 Base, White
       ALEXSEAL® Super Build 302 Spray High Build Filler
ALEXSEAL® Super Build 302 is an epoxy-based high build primer/surfacer which cures into a smooth, easy to sand, water-resistant coating. ALEXSEAL® Super Build 302 has excellent spray characteristics and is fast drying to allow maximum efficiency while fairing. The cured film offers excellent mechanical resistance values. ALEXSEAL® Super Build 302 is used to seal ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound 202 and to even out imperfections remaining after the filling and sanding process. It can also be used as a smooth, non-porous surfacer prior to the appli- cation of ALEXSEAL® Finish Primer 442. This product may be used below the waterline.
  Mixing Ratio:
1 Part by Volume
1 Part by Volume 20-25% Reduction
P3002 ALEXSEAL® Super Build 302 Base C3052 ALEXSEAL® Super Build Converter R3040 ALEXSEAL® Super Build Reducer
Viscosity (Zahn #2) Fluid Nozzle Size Atomizing Pressure Pot Pressure Airless Equipment Airless Equipment
Approx. 24 sec.
2.2 mm (.08) – Conventional & HVLP
3.0 to 5.0 bar (42 to 70 PSI) – Conventional & HVLP 0.7 to 1.5 bar (10 to 20 PSI) – Conventional & HVLP Tip .43 mm-60 to .60 mm-60 (.017-60 to .024-60) Pressure 3.0 to 5.0 bar (42 to 70 PSI)
 Apply 2 to 3 coats to a wet film thickness (WFT) of 150-300 microns (6-12 mils) per coat. This will achieve a dry film thickness (DFT) of 210-420 microns (8-17 mils) for a 2-coat application, and 315-630 microns (13-25 mils) for a 3-coat application, using 10% reduction. Minimum recommended film thickness before sanding is 210 microns (8 mils) DFT. Maximum recommended film thickness during a spray application is 3 coats, totaling 900 microns (36 mils) WFT, or 630 microns (25 mils) DFT.
 Technical Data Sheet and MSDS Sheets available on request or visit
 Part No. Each Size Description
P3002 GL $196.00 Gallon Super Build 302 Spray Base (Mix Ratio: 1:1)
 C3052 GL $196.00 Gallon Super Build Converter
 R3040 GL $88.00 Gallon High Build Epoxy Reducer
 R3040 QT $36.00 Quart High Build Epoxy Reducer

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