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  ALEXSEAL® Protective Primer 161
ALEXSEAL® Protective Primer 161 is a two-component primer based on epoxy resins. Due to specific cor- rosion inhibitors and a combination of epoxy resin binding agents, this primer offers excellent adhesion promotion on all substrates as well as corrosion protection on steel and aluminum substrates. The long re-coating times of ALEXSEAL® Protective Primer 161 allows an economical application process. After cur- ing, ALEXSEAL® Protective Primer 161 is the ideal adhesion promoter for additional layers of ALEXSEAL® products. ALEXSEAL® Protective Primer 161 is used for corrosion protection and adhesion promotion on
mfr steel and aluminum subdtrates, both above and below the waterline.
Mixing Ratio:
6 Parts by Volume
1 Part by Volume
10% Reduction (vol.)
Allow a 15 minute induction period after mixing base and converter, add reducer and remix. Example: 6 : 1 : 1/2 = 7% reduction.
 P1610/1615 ALEXSEAL® Protective Primer 161 White/Yellow C1617 ALEXSEAL® Protective Primer 161 Converter
R4042 ALEXSEAL® Epoxy Primer Reducer
Fluid Nozzle Size
Atomizing Pressure
Pot Pressure
Airless Equipment
Airless Equipment
Apply 1-2 coats to a total wet film thickness (WFT) of 200-225 microns (8-9mils). This will achieve a dry film thickness (DFT) of 75-125 microns (3-5 mils).
Zahn #2: approx. 80 sec., DIN 4 cup 4 mm: approx. 70 sec. 1.4 to 1.6 mm (0.55 to 0.60) – Conventional & HVLP
3.0 to 5.0 bar (42 to 70 PSI) – Conventional & HVLP
0.7 to 1.5 bar (10 to 20 PSI) – Conventional & HVLP
Tip 0.35 mm - 60 to 0.43 mm – 60 (0.014-60 to 0.017-60) Pressure 3.0 to 5.0 bar (42 to 70 PSI)
 Technical Data Sheet and MSDS Sheets available on request or visit
Part No. Each Size Description
P1610 GL $225.00 Gallon White 161 Protective Primer
 C1617 PT $77.00 Pint 161 Primer Converter
   ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat Converters, Reducers and Auxiliary Products
Surface Degreaser
C5012 Topcoat Brushing Converter
Part No.
A4030 PT A4429 PT C5012 HG C5012 PT C5051 GL C5051 QT R5015 GL R5015 QT R5030 GL R5030 QT R5050 GL R5050 QT R5070 GL R5070 QT
$48.00 $322.00 $96.00 $354.00 $140.00 $94.00 $40.00 $94.00 $40.00 $94.00 $40.00 $94.00 $40.00
Pint Half Gallon Pint Gallon Quart Gallon Quart Gallon Quart Gallon Quart Gallon Quart
Accelerator for Super Build 302 Accelerator for Finish Primer 442 Topcoat Brushing Converter Topcoat Brushing Converter Topcoat Converter Spray Topcoat Converter Spray
Slow Brushing Reducer Slow Brushing Reducer Topcoat Reducer Slow Topcoat Reducer Slow Topcoat Reducer Medium Topcoat Reducer Medium Topcoat Reducer Fast Topcoat Reducer Fast
Part No. Each Size Description
A5003 HG $98.00 Half Gallon Non-Skid Fine – 1.98 lbs.
 A5005 GL $70.00 Gallon Premium Wash Down
 A5005 QT $28.00 Quart Premium Wash Down
 A5007 HG $98.00 Half Gallon Non-Skid Coarse – 1.98 lbs.
 A5010 GL $208.00 Gallon Premium Polymer Sealer
 A5010 PT $30.00 Pint Premium Polymer Sealer
 A5018 $40.00 4 oz. Rolling Additive for 501 Top Coat
 A5023 GL $254.00 Gallon Flattening Agent
 A5023 QT $92.00 Quart Flattening Agent
 A5033 QT $48.00 Quart Blending Solvent
 A5035 4OZ. $40.00 4 oz. Topcoat Accelerator – .
 A9049 GL $64.00 Gallon Wipe Down Solvent
 A9049 QT $34.00 Quart Wipe Down Solvent
 A9091 GL $64.00 Gallon Surface Degreaser

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