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 SeaBlaze Quattro LED Underwater Lights
mfr FIG 3166 LUM
Since 2008, the SeaBlaze family of underwater lights has maintained its position as the undisputed value leader in underwater lighting. The SeaBlaze Quattro is one of Lumitec's newest models of underwater lights. The SeaBlaze Quattro boasts more than 2000 lumens, multi-mode output including cross fade, and a marine grade bronze housing. Available in white/blue dual color or dazzling Spectrum output, SeaBlaze Quattro is the new standard for high-performance value in underwater lighting.
 Part No.
101510 101511
$369.00 $309.00
Color Output
Spectrum Full-Color RGBW Dual Color White/Blue
Bronze Bronze
     Not Recommended for Mounting on Running Surfaces
  SeaBlaze X2 LED Underwater Light
This surface-mount light housing is con- structed of a carefully formulated bronze alloy with a designed underwater service life of more than 50 years. The circuitry is completely self contained and tested to rigorous military standards for EMI, tran- sient voltages, temperature extremes, and mechanical shock and vibration. Exclusive thermal foldback technology ensures the light can operate above water indefinitely without damage. And with a lower profile and smaller footprint than most other lights, mounting options are no longer limited to wide flat transom areas.
Part No. Each Color Output Finish/Housing
101516 $399.00 Dual Color White/Blue

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