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Universal Saw Blades*
Festool saw blades are engineered and designed for cutting effi- ciency, long-life, and superior cutting results. The carbide tipped Universal General Purpose blade for the TS 55 Plunge Cut Saw is a clean-cutting general purpose blade for wood and soft plastics, and serves as a fine-rip cutting blade for glue-ready joints. This blade incorporates an offset tooth design known as ATB (Alternating Top Bevel), allowing the blade to cut alternately to the left and right, gen- erating a more efficient and cleaner cut in all types of wood.
Self-clean Filter Bags
The new Cleantex CT 26 & 36 dust extractors features self-cleaning filter bags.
Part No. Each
496304 $67.78
496305 $61.11
496309 $105.56
TS 55 PCut blade28
TS 55 riping blade12
TS 55 solid blade48
TS 55 fine blade48
Quick Clamp*
Caking can cause additional strain on your dust
extractor's motor and contribute to premature
failure. Festool has addressed this issue by de-
veloping a unique pliable fleece filter bag. Be-
cause the bag is not rigid like many other types
of bags, such as paper bags, it prevents caking.
This means that your Festool CT 36 dust extractor continues to de- liver full suction until the bag is virtually completely full.
Part No. Each
498411 $42.22 mfr
For use with the CT MINI I and CT MIDI I from 2019 onwards. Optimum utilization of filter bag volume thanks to SELFCLEAN filter material, optimized for cleaning. Comes in self-service display pack.
Part No. Each
204308 $38.89
Polishing Pad
Polishing pad for Shinex RAP 150. Can be used with all Festool 150mm (6") polishing felts, and sponges for polishing tasks on mineral materials, acrylic, glass and paint.
Integrated shock absorber for optimum
distribution of pressure during polishing. Contains one pad.
496304 496305
Part No.
496186 496187 500438
CT MIDI Filter Bag 5
Each Description
$53.33 For CT 36 $46.67 For CT 26 $24.44 For CT SYS
CT 15/MINI Filter Bag
   Festool FS Guide Rails are available in eight dif- ferent lengths from 32 inches to 197 inches (800 - 5000 mm), providing the right length for straight, splinterfree cutting in just about any application. The integrated splinterguard is a critical guide rail system component, and after some time and heavy use, will need to be replaced. Replace your splin- terguard as needed to ensure perfect alignment of your guide rail to the cut line, and to protect against tear out, on cuts both with the grain and across.
  Part No.
Quick Clamp 6-5/8"
 Main Filter
Part No.
Each mfr
 For use with the CT MINI I and CT MIDI I from 2019 onwards. Easy replacement of filter cartridge from outside without opening the mobile dust extractor; HEPA 13 main filter surrounded by practical plastic frame.
Part No. Each
204201 $76.67 HEPA Main Filter
 Polishing Sponges
202019 202377 202380
  The highest standard for filtration, HEPA
filters capture 99.99% of all particulate
matter down to .3 microns. When
partnered with a good dust extractor
with proper filtration, you will be able to eliminate the majority of the dust created at the source before it is ever released into your environment.
Part No. Each
201997 $133.33 202013 $101.11 202014 $110.00 202019 $100.00 202369 $28.89 202377 $23.33 202380 $23.33
6" Med Sponge Orange 5PK
6" Med Sponge ORG 5PK
6" Fine Waffle Sponge White 5PK
6" Extra Fine Waffle Sponge Black 5PK 6" Med Sponge Orange 1PK
6" Fine Sponge White 1PK
6" Extra Fine Waffle Sponge Black 1PK
Top quality polishing pads reliably ensure best results with all types of paint. Diameter 125 mm. Height 20 mm. Qty. in pack 5 piece(s).
      Part No. Each
496752 $76.67 Wet Filter
For use with the CT MINI I and CT MIDI I from 2019 onwards. For wet extraction; easy replacement of filter cartridge from outside without opening the mobile dust extractor; wet filter surrounded by practi- cal plastic frame.
Premium Sheepskin Sponge
For an even polishing finish. Low spattering
characteristics due to pile height of 18 mm. Real
hair sheepskin for high abrasiveness and an ex-
cellent polishing finish. Ideal together with the
MPA 5010. Suitable for UV paints, scratch-resistant paints. Optimum adhesion thanks to full covering with adhesive velour and edge seams. Part No. Each mfr 202046 $38.89 FES
    Part No. Each
204202 $25.56
*Please call for availability.
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