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Systainer Installer Set
The Systainer Installer’s Set is de- signed to provide a “turnkey” solution for onsite woodworkers to organize, transport, store, and protect those tools, accessories, and consumables they use everyday on the jobsite.
Part No. Each
576913 $305.56
Multifunction Table*
A specially-designed height and size for use with the Festool Kapex sliding com- pound miter saw. At only 42 lbs, it is easy to store and transport. Folding legs for two unique working positions. Slip-resistant feet help to prevent table drift during usage and provides a layer of protection between the table legs and floor.
Part No. Each
495465 $566.67 Li-HighPower Battery Packs*
Li-HighPower cell technology makes it powerful enough for every application. At just 1.2 lbs (600 g), it is 20% lighter and 50% more compact than a 5.2 Ah battery pack. Bluetooth® enables the compatible CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor to be started automatically when the cordless
Star Connector w/ Plug
Work more efficiently by connecting two suction hoses at once to your dust extractor with the Anti- static Y-Adapter. Includes blanking plug to cap off unused inlet, ensuring full suction on your active line. Includes one Y-Adapter with Blanking Plug. Part No. Each mfr 452898 $48.89 FES
Protector FESTOOL 150FX mfr FES
Replacement Edge Protector for the RO 150 FEQ ROTEX Sander. Extends pad life by protecting it from damange during use near adjacent edges or surfaces. Also saves time and rework by preventing contact with adjacent finished work. Part No. Each
493913 $25.56
Plug It Power Cord
  Replacement power cords are 13 feet long. Delivered as standard equipment with jigsaws, MFK 700 router, Domino joiner, and sand- ers (note: 16-guage cord is required for use with TS Plunge Cut saws as well as OF 1010 and OF 1400 Routers).
 Part No. Each
203923 $53.33 203925 $55.56
18-Gauge 16-Gauge
      205036 tool is activated. Part No. Each 205036 $133.33
202480 $144.44 Rapid Charger TCL6*
Rotary Polisher SHINEX RAP 150-21 FE
Whether you are a professional in woodworking or painting, the SHINEX Rotary Polisher was constructed to make your everyday work a cinch. Double reduction gearing ensures high performance. 1200 watts of power.
Part No. Each mfr 571011 $583.33 FES
Battery pack 18V Li4
 Battery pack 18V Li5
    The Festool TCL 6 rapid charger is 40%
faster than a conventional charger. Fes-
tool TCL 6 rapid charger offers super fast
charge times thanks to a new charge rate
of 6Ah an hour, all without compromis-
ing battery capacity or run times. The TCL 6 is compatible with all Festool 10.8V to 18V lithium-ion battery packs (except for CXS/TXS). Part No. Each
Multi-Mode Sander ROTEX RO 90 DX FEQ-Plus
201138 $83.33
Festool's Rotex RO 90 DX is capable of operating in several modes: aggressive gear-driven, random orbital, polishing, and delta gear- driven. The Rotex 90 is equipped to sand hard-to-reach corners and edges with the triangular pad. The Jetstream pad design reduces your cleanup time by eliminating up to 99% of the dust.
Part No. Each
571823 $527.78 Abrasives Systainers
 The SYS-STF Abrasives Systainer is the perfect solution for storing, organizing, and transporting abrasives (abrasives not included). Work more efficiently in the shop or on the jobsite by having all your abrasives on hand and ready for the task at hand. Made of durable, robust, high quality ABS for long service-life.
   Part No.
497687 497686 497685
$102.22 $102.22 $102.22
*Please call for availability.

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