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 G5 Five-Minute Adhesive
422 Barrier Coat Additive
   mfr FIG 5505 WES
An easy to use, two-part resin/hardener system for quick repairs, tooling and general bonding. May be used in spot applications to hold parts in position while standard epoxy bonds cure. Bonds to wood, fiberglass and metal. One-to-one mixtures, no pumps are required. Cures in 3-5 minutes. 16 oz. resin/16 oz. hardener and 4 ounce resin/4 ounce hardener. Not recommended for long-term bonds subject to high loads or moisture.
 Part No. Each
865-16 $67.65
12 12
A proprietary blend designed to improve cured epoxy’s mois- ture-exclusion effectiveness. 422 is used as a barrier coating addi- tive to help prevent gelcoat blistering. 422 also increases the epoxy’s abrasion resistance. Cures to a light gray color. Added to mixed resin/hardener at the rate of 15 to 20% by weight — 3 table- spoons per 8-fl. oz. epoxy (approximately 32-oz. per B group).
Part No. Each Color Size Case
422-16 $28.55 Gray 16 oz. 6 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
Two 16 oz. Kit $24.35 Two 4 oz. Kit
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
Six 10 Thickened Epoxy Adhesive
A two-part epoxy adhesive in a convenient, self-metering cartridge. This adhesive gives you the strength and reliability of a two-part WEST SYSTEM epoxy with the convenience of a single-part product. The cartridge separates the resin and hardener for long term storage, accurately meters the proper 2:1 resin/hardener ratio, and precisely dispenses the desired amount. It is dispensed with a standard caulking gun. Non-sagging, it bonds to wood, metals, fiberglass and concrete, cures in temperatures as low as 50°F. Working time is 42 minutes at 72°F. It cures to a solid in 5-6 hours and will take high loads in 24 hours. 610 cartridge INCLUDES one static mixer nozzle.
Part No.
610** 600-2 600-12
$26.66 $4.20 2-pk.
$21.75 12-pk.
190-ml Cartridge Static Mixers Static Mixers
       Part No. Each
885 $346.15 885-34 $62.10
Description Case
Complete Vacuum Bagging Kit 1 Vacuum Cups (3) and 10 ft. of 1/4" I.D. Vacuum Tubing 12
879 Release Fabric
Vacuum Bagging Pressure Kit
Simple, Effective Kit Runs Off-Shop Compressors
o Venturi Vacuum Generator with o Bronze Muffler
Vacuum Cups (2)
o 1/4" I.D. Vacuum Tubing (10 ft.) o Vacuum Gauge 0-30 Hg.
Junction “T" Barbs (2)
o Release Fabric (15 sq. ft.) o Breather Fabric (15 sq. ft.)
Vacuum Bag Film (15 sq. ft.)
o Vacuum Bag Sealant Tape (25 ft.)
Complete Kit Instructions (32- page Manual “Advanced Vacuum Bagging Techniques")
The Vacuum Bagging Kit Contains:
This complete starter kit will handle repairs and small laminating projects up to 13 square feet and can be powered by conventional shop air compressors that deliver as little as 60 psi at two static cubic feet per minute. A key element of the kit is the Venturi vacuum generator developing more than 10 psi and remov- ing more than one static cubic foot of air per minute. Vacuum pressure makes it possible for an entire schedule of laminate materials to be laid up at one time and will hold all in place at any angle or attitude. This method provides firm, even clamping pressure over the entire surface area. It also allows rapid cure with a small application of heat. Vacuumed laminates are uniform, strong and have greater fabric density than friction or gravity-held laminates. This inexpensive, easy to use kit converts standard shop air to vac- uum, making the vacuum bagging advantages readily available at any repair yard or shop.
FIG 5541
WES FIG 5539
879 Release Fabric is an economical, tough nylon fabric that separates the absorber, breath- er and vacuum bag from the laminate (it works like peel ply). It peels away easily, leaving a smooth textured surface that is ready for bonding or finishing. Use with 881 Breather Fabric Part No. Roll Size Case
879-10 $165.90 60" x 10 yards 1

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