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12/24V Water Pressure Pump UP14/E
VFLO Water Pressure Pump
These VFLO variable flow, constant
pressure 4-chamber positive dis-
placement diaphragm water pumps
now feature DiMOND technology
designed to automatically diagnose
and monitor all aspects of your
pump’s performance to prevent
system failure. VFLO is powered by a new variable speed drive that delivers the exact amount of water flow needed to perform a variety of onboard delivery tasks. Since the pump is constant- ly monitoring water flow and electrical current, it automatically adjusts itself as needed, ensuring that your systems are operating at peak efficiency. INCLUDES 1/2" quick-connect fittings. Ignition- Protected.
MAT FIG 6542
No Accumulator Tank Required
Self-priming automatic electric pump with helical PTFE gears, integrated check valve and electronic control. Nickel-plated brass body and stainless steel shaft. Can be used in fresh or salt water. The motor gradually runs to reach the required flow rate and con- stant control of pressure, current and voltage. There is no need of an accumulator tank. Pump functions monitored by a Blue LED indicating empty tank. The pump will automatically stop after 1-1/2 minutes of running dry and is protected against short circuits and overloads. Self-primes to 9.8 ft.
Part No. Each Volts Ports Amps PSI GPM
M164-681-15 $806.24 12/24 DC 1/2" IPS 40 43.5 10.5
 M164-690-15 $1,051.38 12/24 DC 3/4" IPS 30 29 12.2
 Part No.
42755-0092 42755-0094
$339.78 $379.15
12 DC 24 DC
Ports GPM
1/2" Snap-In 1/2" Snap-In
5 5
FIG 9979
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – Par-Max Plus Water System Pumps
    Ultra-Max Low-Profile Automatic Multi-Outlet Water Pressure System
The system has a low-mounting
profile, can be installed in any
position and has vibration and
noise isolating rubber mounts
and snap-in port fittings on a
corrosion-proof base. Features
a PAR-MAX 4 pump which
self-primes to 5 feet, runs dry
without damage and provides
quiet, low Amp draw opera-
tion. The 1-liter accumulator
tank smoothes flow, eliminates
pulsation, and ensures even temperature mix at the faucet. Its blad- der type design never needs recharging. Pumpgard strainer snaps directly into the PAR-MAX pump and is supported by a sturdy mold- ed in leg. INCLUDES: 1/2" Qest threaded and 1/2" barbed inlet and outlet ports. Ignition-Protected. Weighs 15 lbs.
6 GPM – 5-Chamber Diaphragm
FIG 7630
The high pressure capability of the new pumps provides excep- tional flow and consistent water pressure to easily handle the demand of multiple outlets. All models include soft rubber mounts and quick connect fittings for ease of installation. The co-injected molded diaphragm and larger heavier duty motor brushes signifi- cantly extend pump life up to 50% longer than existing diaphragm pumps. It is self-priming up to 10 ft (3m) and can run dry without damage. Ignition-Protected.
Part No.
P601J-218S-3A P602J-218S-3A
12 DC
24 DC
Ports GPM
1/2" Snap-In
1/2" Snap-In
6 6
   Amp Draw Part No. Each Volts GPM at 10 PSI
Cut In
Cut Out
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – Par-Max 3 Freshwater Delivery Pump
59451-1012 $366.31 12 3.8 6
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
20 PSI
40 PSI
12V - 3 GPM - 40 PSI
Aqua Jet Flow Master
  The ideal choice for pressurizing water in a closed system. The digital controller adjusts water flow as the demand is increased and decreased while maintaining a very smooth flow, The unique variable flow feature of the Flow Master pump allows the pump to be mounted without an accumulator tank and still maintain an even flow regardless if one or multiple taps are being used. WPS 5.0 motor, 150 Watts. Nylon/polypropylene body with santoprene/ EPDM valves and santoprene diaphragm.
HD (Heavy Duty) models include a wider diameter motor with a powder coated shell, cast aluminum endbells and lower housing to improve pressure capability and life. Available in configurations up to 6 GPM (23 LPM) and 60 PSI (4.1 BAR). Standard models provide good performance in an economical footprint. These configura- tions are available in 1-3 GPM, perfect for vessels with 1-3 outlets. A plastic housing protects the motors on these units from corrosion. Part No. Each Volts
31395-4012-3A $118.11 12 DC
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
Part No. Each Volt G.P.M.
10-13329-103 $329.55 12 DC 5
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
1/2" & 3/4" Hose

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