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AC Macerator Sewage Pump
mfr FIG 4847 OBE
Self-priming, bronze, heavy-duty
Macerator Pump. Pumps from boat
into holding tanks, or sewer con-
nection. Has a suction lift of 10 feet
and will discharge up to 500 feet
away. Has a 1 HP motor which oper-
ates at 1750 RPM 1-1/2" IPS suction (or 2" I.D. hose) with a 1" IPS discharge (or flare for 1-1/2" ID hose). Complete with a vacuum switch for automatic cut-off when pump runs dry. NOT ignition protected. Weighs 40 lbs.
12V Macerator Sewage Pump
     Part No.
OB406MK4N26 OB406MK-04 10956
Volts GPM
155 Series waste macerator pumps make fast work (17 GPM) of holding tank pump-out. Sizes are available to fit any rigid holding tank (36" maximum depth, 1" increments), and since waste is macerated BEFORE it leaves the tank, smaller hose and overboard seacock (3/4") may be used in the discharge line. It will fit the same mounting used for discontinued MPT or MPS series macerator pumps. Weight 13 lbs.
$1,459.00 115/230 AC 25 $819.00 Spare Pump Head Only $155.00 Service Kit
Part No.
Each Volts GPM
$689.99 12 DC 17 10"
    Holding Tank Evacuation Pumps
AC or DC Macerator Sewage Pumps
FIG 3104
These pumps are equipped with a run dry protection device that shuts off the pump after approx. 20 seconds of run dry operation to protect the flexible impeller. Can be reset by interrupting power to the pump. Macerator grinds waste to 1/8" max. particle size. Empties a 30-gallon holding tank in 3 minutes. Inlets are 1-1/2" IPS & outlets are 1" OD hose barbs. AC pump is NOT ignition protected, but the DC pumps are.
   Part No.
50890-1000 50890-1100 SK890
$312.40 $320.09 $31.68
Volts DC
12 DC
24 DC Service Kit
1-1/2" 1-1/2"
Max. G.P. M. Amps @ 10’ head
10 5 5 5
FIG 9655
These self-priming, filter-less dia- phragm pumps pass solids and are par- ticularly effective in emptying holding tanks. They are dry-running, compact, and corrosion-resistant and have a
360° rotatable head to allow total flexibility in almost any position. mfr
Ignition protected. Weight: 6 lbs.
  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – 12V & 24V Macerator Pumps
Part No. Each
18690-0000 $790.09 18590-2092 $208.77 18590-2094 $221.39 18598-1000 $69.68
Volts GPM
115 AC 16 12 DC 13 24 DC 13
Service Kit for All
19 lbs. 6 lbs. 6 lbs.
FIG 4460
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – DC Macerator Sewage Pumps
This pump is designed for sanitation waste and fish box evacuation. It incorporates a high-quality motor with a new seamless shell and splash-proof design. The macerator features a premium impeller design, O-ring sealed end bells and sealed manual turn key. It’s self-priming, ignition protected. Inlet: 1-1/2" IPS, Outlet: 1" hose barb.
A rotary cutter shreds waste before it is pumped into or out from the holding tank. The pump should be connected either direct to the holding tank discharge outlet or the bowl discharge outlet. Note: Use unbleached lavatory paper only. Do not run pump dry. Self priming to 5 ft. when wet. Weight 4.2 lbs.
 Part No. Each Type Inlet Outlet
10-24453-01 $170.45 TA3P10-19 1-1/2" Hose 1" Hose WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
Macerator Sewage Pump
12 DC
  Close-coupled Rubber Impeller Pumps are made of high quality bronze for max- imum corrosion resistance. The rubber impeller is either directly attached to the stainless steel motor shaft or the impeller is mounted on a separate stainless steel shaft, which is counter bored on the
outer end in order to slide over the carbon steel motor shaft. Ball or sleeve bearings in the motor support the shaft. Model 406M has a mechanical seal. Impellers are made of Neoprene rubber, Nitrile impellers are available on request. Flexible blades on the periphery of the impeller provide the pumping action. While the impeller rotates, the liquid between the blades is continuously squeezed out into the discharge port by a cam located inside the pumping chamber.
Part No. Each
3200-001 $163.73 3200-011 $209.99 94-571-00 $39.99
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
GPM Weight
12 DC
24 DC
Impeller Kit for 3200 Series
13 5 lbs. 13 5 lbs.
   Part No. Each
406MK4N26 $1,570.99
mfr OBE
New Run Dry Protection
     Available in white!
 These pumps should be used in accordance with EPA, U.S.C.G. Marine Sanitation Regulations.

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