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Groco Ball-Type Seacocks
Ball Valves
  Full-Flow BV Series
GRO FIG 9457
Bronze valve body is flanged for a more secure installation. Stainless steel ball and stem with Teflon seats and seals. Designed and manufactured with in-field serviceability in mind. Full pipe-size flow with all sizes; no restrictions to reduce the flow of water through the valve. Your engines and other equipment will get the full flow of water required for optimum operating efficiency. All sizes have patented, field reversible handle.
FIG 8878
     Part No.
Female IPS Height
3/4" 5.9" 2" 8.2" 1-1/4" 7.1" 1-1/2" 8.0"
2-1/2" 10.0" 3" 10.5"
2.30 lbs. 10 lbs. 4.60 lbs 6 lbs. 16 lbs. 28 lbs. 58 lbs.
Forespar’s ball valves are precision molded in high strength glass-reinforced Marelon. Their great strength, light weight and complete freedom from corrosion and electrolysis make them the ideal valve system for controlling inlet and outlet water require- ments above or below the waterline. Complete with Teflon seals. When installing, valves may be reversed in direction to provide convenient handle position. Do not fail to actuate the handle and lubricate the seals on a regular schedule.
BV-750 $189.99 BV-2000 $439.99 BV-1250 $279.99 BV-1500 $319.99 BV-2500 $679.99 BV-3000 $999.99 BV-4000 $2,399.00 RHK2 $158.99 RHK3 $184.99
4" 19 5" Replacement Handle Kit – BV2500 Replacement Handle Kit – BV3000
Part No.
905101 905102 905103 905104 905105
Female Each IPS $53.36 3/4"
$123.38 1" $140.95 1-1/4" $174.95 1-1/2"
$217.95 2"
Length w/Handle 4" 5-1/2" 5-3/4" 7-1/2" 8"
Meets and exceeds the ABYC H-27 & ISO 9093- 2 Standards
                          Part No.
Spare Spare Each Handle Nut IPS
Female Weight 5.75 lbs. 13.05 lbs. 32.00 lbs.
Apollo Ball-Type Seacocks
Made in USA
Bronze In-Line Full-Flow Ball Valves
IBV Series
FIG 4323
The field reversible handle allows you to select the closed position orientation (clockwise or counter- clockwise) that best suits the installation. It has a square hole to accept standard ratchet, to help reach valves in hard-to-reach locations and ease actuation of difficult to operate valves. It’s 400 WOG rated, has a stainless steel handle and hardware, chrome-plat- ed brass ball, PTFE seats and seals, and a bonding attachment. Can be used for fuel or water.
Part No. Each Description
IBV-2000 $166.99 2" IPS Full-Flow Valve
The bronze ball is hard-chromed and sealed in teflon rings. The triangular flange is pre- drilled to accept three screws or bolts, NOT included. A drain plug is installed. Vinyl- coated stainless steel handle rotates 1/4 turn on and 1/4 turn off and is clearly marked. Each of these seacocks is tested to 400 P.S.I.
78-121-01A $1,637.35 4H 1/2"-20 3"
$245.19 3H 7/16"-20 1-1/4" $664.25 - - 2"
IBV-2008 IBV-758
Bottom port of IBVF adaptor has straight NPS threads to mate with thru-hulls; top port has tapered NPT threads to mate with ball valves. Provides a safe and sturdy assembly when in-line valves are used as seacocks.
Part No. Each Size
IBVF-1250 $30.74 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" NPS
3"Bronze Flanged Seacock with Side Port
Two driver ports permit handle relocation. NPT threaded side port accepts SSCV or any NPT threaded accessory. Handle has square hole that accepts standard ratchet; helps access hard-to-reach valves, or ease actuation of hard-to-operate valves. Full flow. Serviceable while installed. C84400 bronze construction. Stainless steel ball and stem. Base has bonding attachment. PTFE seats and seals.
Part No. Each Pipe Size Side Port
SBV-3000-P $2,072.57 3" 2-1/2" NPT
 $21.00 SS Ball Valve Replacement Handle $5.00 SS Ball Valve Replacement Handle
      Flush-Mounting Seacocks
Patented Bronze BSPP to BSPP Flange Adaptor
      Meets and exceeds the ABYC H-27 & ISO 9093- 2 Standards
   Forespar Valves that are sold in the USA have A.N.P. type threads
FOR FIG 8877
U.L. listed flange-mounting seacocks are precision-molded in glass-reinforced Marelon to attain great strength, light weight and complete freedom from corrosion and electrolysis. Complete with Teflon seals. Permits direct mounting to the hull by bolting through or by laminating a wooden block on the inside of the hull and screwing the valve flange to it.
Part No.
904010 904011
$68.17 $166.45
Flush Mount Flush Mount
Female Height IPS w/Handle
3/4" 4" 1-1/2" 8"

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