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C.H. Hose, Tank, and MSD Cleaner
SeaLand® Portable Toilet
FIG 1967
RAR FIG 8505
Safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-haz- ardous this cleaner is for all Lectra/San and Electro/Scan units. It increases plate life by using every 6 months. Designed to work with- out having to remove any piping or creating a mess. It is an effective alternative to remove uric scale and build up from black water sys- tems. Dissolves clogs which cause plumbing to overflow and create nasty odors.
 Part No.
SeaLand 974 and 975 Portable Toilet powerful flushing at the touch of a but- ton sets the new 970 portable toilet series apart from the rest. Requires no manual pumping or batteries, yet deliv- ers a robust bowl-clearing flush every time. An easy-view level indicator lets you know when to empty the holding tank. 974MSD 2.6-gallon and 975MSD 5.0-gallon capacity are made of high
strength ABS construction to withstand the demanding marine environment, the smooth finish cleans easily for lasting beauty. The full size seat provides user comfort; latching lid stays secure while underway. The prismatic level indicator shows remaining capacity in holding tank, and the splash-free tank design pre- vents splashing during flushes and discharges. These models can be installed for direct overboard, dockside pump-out, or remote tank discharge. Mounting brackets INCLUDED. Color: Tan. Water supply: self-contained freshwater 2.3-gallon (8.7 l) upper tank. Discharge: MSD models – PVC fitting connects to 1.5" (38mm) ID discharge plumbing. Vent: 5/8" (16mm) ID hose fitting (MSD models only). 975MSD size: 13-1/8"W x 15-1/4"D x 15/1/4"H. 974MSD size: 13-1/8"W x 15-1/4"D x 12-1/2"H.
$113.00 Gallon
 ReFresh Head and Tank
Not a cover-up fragrance, absorbs and neutral- izes odors. Pour 1 oz in head and flush with 1 or 2 quarts of fresh or salt water. Kills odors up to 4 months. Starts working immediately on liquids and solids. Reapply deodorizer after tank is dis- charged. 1 bottle fully treats your holding tank 16 times (20 gallon tank). Graduated contain- er shows how much to use for your tank. Water based, non-toxic & biodegradable.
Part No. Each Size
770063 $18.95 16 oz. Toilet Bowl Cleaner
and Holding Tank Additive
Kills Odor and Cleans Potties
Part No.
301197402 301197502
Each Color
$213.95 Tan $244.55 Tan
12 lbs. 13 lbs.
2.6-gal. 5-gal.
    Toilet and Tank Products
Toilet Tissue and Tank Deodorants
          RAR FIG 4142
K.O. – Kills Odor is not a chemical product. It utilizes live odor-kill- ing bacteria which digest liquids, solid waste and paper, totally emulsifying them so there’s no need to add “tissue digesters" or other “boosters" to your system. The bacteria actually neutralize the odor-causing elements in waste, effectively converting the contents of your holding tank to an odor-free product. Use 4 oz. per 25-gal- lon tank capacity. C.P. – Cleans Potties combines a specialized strain of bacteria with 100% biodegradable cleaning agents specifically designed to make the bowl shine like never before and the entire system odor-free, while maintaining the bioactive environment essential to odor control in your holding tank. C.P. is the only bowl cleaner that can be combined with K.O. because it is a bioactive cleaner that uses no chemicals, it won’t kill the bacteria in K.O.
Part No.
379700026 379700027 379700029 379711201
Each Description
$36.25 1-gal. MAX CONTROL liquid holding tank deodorant
$17.25 32-oz. MAX CONTROL liquid holding tank deodorant
$35.25 4-pack – 8-oz. MAX CONTROL liquid holding tank deodorant
$16.65 10-ct. 2-oz. Clean ‘n GreenTM bowl cleaner/tank deodorant
mfr 379711201 SLC
FIG 1967
SeaLand Rapid-Dissolving 1-ply Tissue provides the comfort of household tissues, contains no dyes or perfumes, and can be used in RV, boat, cabin or septic tank systems. SeaLand Ultra 2-ply Tissue is made with the strength of a two-ply tissue without the worry of clogging your system. The zipper-seal bag keeps tissue dry and clean. Both tissue products break up quickly and are 100% biode- gradable. SeaLand MAX CONTROL holding tank deodorants work instantly to control odor. They break down waste and tissue, fresh- en bathroom with a floral mint fragrance, and work in arctic or hot, steamy conditions. SeaLand Clean ‘n Green toss-in packets clean bowls and deodorize the tank.
  Part No.
$15.50 $15.50 $52.00
22 oz. 22 oz. Gallon
Toilet Bowl Cleaner Holding Tank Additive Holding Tank Additive

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