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Marine Elegance with “Seafresh" Flushing System
Smart Switch Panel INCLUDED in Both Models
Angled Bowl FIG 4170
220HS012 is the only electric marine toilet available that allows the user to select from two separate intake water sources: onboard pres- surized fresh water or raw water (sea or lake). Simply position the selector switch to: “sea" or “fresh" to use the water source of your choice. Use pressurized freshwater for a cleaner odor free flush or use sea (raw) water when you want to conserve onboard water supplies. The system includes toilet, selector switch, toilet control, intake pump and strainer. This series features a full size toilet seat, an attractive one piece vitreous china bowl with a compact footprint and angled back designed to fit in just about any area where space is limited. They have all discharge working parts contained within the bowl including a built in vacuum breaker. A remote sea water pump is included with the system. It features the new “Vortex-Vac" flush technology where a vacuum is created in the bowl. These units can pump 10 feet vertically or 100 feet horizontally. The programmable toilet control allows users to flush the toilet with no water, a small amount of water or a fully timed flush. Flush time is easily adjusted on the panel, control includes optional full holding tank lock out feature. Hose sizes: 1/2" ID for freshwater intake — 3/4" ID for seawater pump intake. 1-1/2" ID or 1" ID discharge. Bowl dimensions: Base width 8-1/2" base depth 9-3/4" O.A. bowl depth 18-7/8". Color: White. Seawater only or fresh water only models, without sea fresh system are available on Special Order. Momentary multi-function control version, other bowl sizes and bone color models are available on Special Order. 221HF012 is about the same except it uses fresh water only with a straight back.
Part No.
220HS012 221HF012
FIG 2048
$1,653.75 $1,214.33
12 DC 12 DC
Bowl Back
Household Angled Household Straight
Pressurized Fresh Water or Raw Water Toilet Pressurized Fresh Water Toilet
Sea Era Macerating Electric Toilets
   Crown Head Lower Unit
Ideally suited to carry on board as a spare unit or as a direct replacement of older models. Simply position in the same mounting area and use same bolt holes, wiring and hoses. All units are of the newer high performance permanent mag- net motors and centrifugal dis- charge design. Bowl mounting fasteners, gasket and rubber mounting strips are INCLUDED. Weighs 27 lbs.
 Part No.
FIG 1444
12 DC
Lower Base Assembly
This electric macerating toilet can be mounted above or below the waterline. The bowl will rotate 90° for confined spaces and retrofit mounting. Water can be routed from either side of the inlet pump using interchangeable 3/4" hose barb fittings (2 straight and 1 90°), INCLUDED. The straight discharge fitting can accept either 1-1/2" or 1" discharge lines without the need for an adapter. The 90° rotatable discharge is 1-1/2" only. Both fittings are INCLUDED. The discharge pump can handle a vented loop with a maximum height of 5 feet and utilizes a full-sized joker valve to help avoid clogging. The inlet pump can lift water from 4 feet below the toilet and can be run dry without damaging the pump. Available in raw water with an inline strainer or pressurized fresh-water with a vacuum breaker, and can also be used with treatment systems and/or holding tanks. Shipping weight: 38-40 lbs. Volts: 12 DC. All models INCLUDE a push-button switch. The 160LI012 is an economical way to replace your electric or manual toilet: save the toilet bowl and seat — just replace the lower base. This pump can run dry without damage and INCLUDES: both a 90° and straight discharge and strainer.
FIG 9133
  Toilet Motor Shaft Seal
Raritan's Motor Shaft Seal is a replacement toilet part. Raritan manufactures equipment for pleasure boats throughout the world. Products include marine toilets, waste treatment systems, ice- makers and water heaters. Committed to the environment and preserving sea life, Rari- tan designs products to help maintain an environmental balance and ensure the
Part No. Each
160MI012 $850.50 160LI012 $705.91 161000W $372.00 161012 $175.00 166000 $364.10
Marine Size – Raw Water Toilet 12V Sea Era Conversion Kit
12V Sea Era Base Assy.
12V Motor
12V Diaphragm Intake Pump
    Part No.
quality of marine waters.
Motor Shaft Seal Replacement
   Other models, control options and bowl sizes/colors available
on Special Order
    Pressurized Fresh Water Models are quiet “Whisper Flush" Models
Other Models Available

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