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4351 3-foot AM/FM Classic Antenna
4018 19 Ft.
4351 3 Ft.
5101 8 Ft.
5215-AIS 3 Ft.
5208-3 23-ft.
5225-XT 8 Ft.
5241-R 3 Ft.
5242-A 3 Ft.
4018 19' Commercial VHF Antenna
Phased 1/2 wave elements stacked in a collinear array with a coaxial choking sleeve to suppress cable radiation. This 19-foot, long- distance communications antenna is rigid enough to stay erect in rough seas, yet is exceptionally lightweight. Complete with brass and copper elements for extra high efficiency; chrome-plated brass ferrules. 1"-14 threads. Two sections: Base – 13-1/2 feet, Tip – 5.5 feet. Along with a mount, this unit requires a number 408 stand-off bracket. See Antenna Accessories page. Includes 20 ft. RG-58 cable and a PL-259 connector.
Part No. Each
5208-3 (3 piece) 23-foot VHF Antenna
9db Gain. Phased 1/2-wave elements in a collinear array with choking stub to suppress cable radiation and a band spread matching sleeve. The Style 5208-3 puts all the quality and performance of Shakespeare’s Ocean Twin 5208 into a three- section. Has brass and copper elements, chrome-plated brass ferrules and INCLUDES 20’ RG-58 cable and a PL-259 connector. Along with a mount, this unit requires a number 408 stand-off bracket. See Antenna Accessories page. UPS shippable.
Part No. Each
5208-3 $675.10
5225-XT 8-foot Galaxy VHF Antenna
Stronger and stiffer radome for use on T-tops, hard tops, radar arches. INCLUDES: standard stainless steel 1"-14 thread ferrule, 20 feet RG-8X low-loss cable and a PL259 connector.
Part No. Each
5225-XT $256.85
5241-R Classic 3-foot Low-Profile, End-Fed
1/2 Antenna
3db Gain, stainless steel whip. Perfect for bassboats or center console fishing boats. A ratchet-mount or rail-mount with a center hole is required for passage of the supplied 15 feet coaxial cable which exits from the bottom center of the ferrule. Covers VHF marine band. Complete with a PL259 connector. Has a 1"-14 female chrome-plated brass ferrule.
Part No. Each
5241-R $110.84
5242-A Classic VHF Antenna
3db Gain Antenna with user replacable stainless steel whip. Center feed SO-239 connector with L bracket included. Coax sold separately.
Part No. Each
Marine Antennas
VHF – Commercial VHF – AM/FM
 FIG 3523
  UPS Shippable
   A one section antenna constructed of thermosetting resin and fiberglass with the elements permanently sealed. The ferrule base is nylon plastic 1"-14 female threads. Comes with 10 feet of coaxial cable and a Motorola type connector.
Part No. Each
4351 $120.55
5101 8-foot Classic VHF Antenna
6db Gain with a brass element and a smooth, high gloss, polyurethane finish. End fed antenna with matching stub. Frequency range: 156-162 MHz. Complete with 15 feet of RG58 coaxial cable and a PL259 connector. Base is chrome-plated brass 1"-14 female threads.
Part No. Each
5215-AIS Classic 3-foot Whip Antenna
  3db Gain. Squatty Body® Stainless Steel Whip with extra bandwidth for all popular AIS transceivers. Center fed SO-329 connector. Includes right angle SS Mounting bracket. Coax cable sold separately.
Part No. Each
5215-AIS $99.65
5242-A $142.00 Order Mounts Separately

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